pinched-nerve-shoulderMany people have come across the term pinched a nerve. But they don’t know what is called pinched nerve? This article guides you what is pinched nerves and what are its causes. There are several supplements available for nerve damages. You can try Nerve Renew (aka neuropathy support formula) that gives you relief from nerve pain. Many sites like have published articles that show how such disorders occur in the body.

The peripheral nervous system of your body is similar to a fiber-optic cable with several fibers contained in the outer layer. You can imagine the individual fiber like a microscopic garden hose. The green portion of the hose is a membrane where a stationary electric charge passes from and to the brain. The inner portion of the hose passes fluid from the nerve tissues that support nourishment and refill the components of the membrane.

The Pinched nerves prevent or stop flow up and down and this stops flowing of nutrition, and the membrane loses its potential to pass small electrical charges and this result in damages of nerve fibers. When the fibers lose its function, your muscle will contract and makes numbness in your skin.

Mostly the pinched nerve happens in your neck or carpal tunnel, and the symptoms of this problem are numbness particularly in your hand since your brain does not to recognize the difference between the starting, middle and end of the nerve. Only it identifies that is lacking signal from the hand and hence numbness starts.

The pinched nerves in your lower bag radiate the signal down your leg. You will experience the symptoms of this nerve problem passing into your leg along the normal path. It is the starting stage of referred pain. Muscles spasm in your back along with pinched nerve is normally painful. Some people may get only the symptoms of weakness or numbness in leg or arm without much pain. Other symptoms of pinched nerves are burning, electric, tingling, hot or cold sensation.

If you feel that you have pinched nerves or experience the symptoms or pain of this problem, you can do self-care options. The pain may be starting from muscle strain or spasm that release pressures on the nerve, in such situations you can relax your muscles. You can try applying heat and ice pack enclosed in the towel on the affected area every twenty minutes continuously. Other options include hot shower, trying a handheld massager, laying down using a rolled up towel below your neck.

You should do some methods to relieve your body from pinched nerves. If your lower back is paining, you can lay down on a couch or bed and drag the knees up to your chest. Also trying a light stroll is also a good option when nerves in your lower back are damaged.

If the pain continues over a couple of days, you must fix an appointment with your doctor. You doctor will diagnose the particular cause for the pain. The treatment option includes physical therapy, surgery, medication, etc. You doctor will recommend the best treatment option based on your health condition.

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