Bowflex 1000 – The Best Home Gym

bfx-2http://www. Fitness is more important for today’s lifestyle. The habit of taking junk foods has paved the way to obesity and other health problems. So when a person decided to be fit, the only professional choice left before is a gym. One can walk or jog or exercise at home, but a gym provides a workout for each and every area of the body specifically. Also fitness freaks love to use the gym in addition to the exercise they do at home. But it is time-consuming and costly to work in a gym. One has to enroll, pay excess fees and allot many hours to stay in shape. This is why home gym has started to evolve. For instance products like Bowflex PR1000, is a trending home gym recently.

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Why is home gym useful than the regular gym?
Home gym gives the convenience to workout in flexible time which fixes your requirement; there will be no gym fees one has to spend each month. But it is very costly to set up a home gym, as equipment like dumbbells, barbells, cross trainers etc should be brought. In this case one can opt for entry-level crossbow equipment like PR1000. This Bowflex PR1000 is retailed at the cost of $500 which is a good one-time investment, after which there is no need to pay monthly gym fees.

What are the features and specifications of Bowflex PR1000?
This hot selling home gym of recent time offers thirty different exercises to different targeted muscles. When compared to the old weights, the resistance rods provided in PR1000 offers effective results and have been proven scientifically. This equipment focuses on people who want to maintain shape, muscle toning and strength building.

How to setup Bowflex PR1000?
By using the manual one can easily assemble this home gym with no difficulties. It takes time duration of one to two hours to assemble and ready for use. Keep in mind that the working area should be spacious.

How many exercise one can perform?
PR1000 home gym provides thirty exercises, targeting almost all the muscles. One feature of this gym serves more than one purpose, in order to give workout for muscles in a varied manner. For amateur users, it comes along with workout guide for easy usage according to their requirement.

What is the Additional exercise option?
Bowflex PR1000 offers a combined feature that of a training strength and cardio in single equipment by the presence of rowing equipment inbuilt with it. This is considered to be the best cardio workout for vital organs like heart, lungs etc;

The only minor issue with Bowflex PR1000 is it has a non-upgradable resistance. This is seen as a very tiny disadvantage, as the main objective of this home gym is to focus on maintaining shape, strengthening and toning of muscles. And it is clearly mentioned that the resistance of this home gym is not upgradable. So people who wish opt for higher resistance can opt for the upgraded version of Bowflex.

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