Best Work Boots Designed For Comfort

ladies_bootsMost companies and industries have set working hours of more than eight hours. If it is a job that requires a lot of work while on your feet, you would want to look for comfortable boots that suit your work environment. Every work environment has specialized needs and various shoemakers have stepped up to the platform to satisfy the customers with their innovative designs and technology.

Here we bring to you a classification of the work boots divided into four different types for your understanding.

  1. Steel Toe Work boots: As evident from the name, these are boots with steel toe caps that protect the toes from falling objects and compression. They are the most conventional type of boots providing great safety. The Timberland Pitboss has been rated the best in this category with triple stitch seams and premium leather quality. It has great ankle support and full grain leather upper boot, with soft heels and offers maximum comfort and durability. They are reasonably priced. It offers great protection against electrical hazards, penetration proof, and comfortable suspension. On the down side, they are heavier because of the steel toes and inconvenient when passing through metal detectors as they set off alarms. Other than Timberland, Keen also is known for its steel toe work boots.
  2. Alloy toe work boots: These safety toes are made of alloys of lightweight materials such as aluminum and titanium. They are as strong as steel but steel is more suitable for extremely heavy object working areas. The best alloy toe work boot is the Titan introduced by Timberland. They are probably the most comfortable work boots with no break in period. They have a great durability of up to 2 years. They are Timberland’s best sellers and have a 30-day money back guarantee period during which you may wear the boots for as long as you want. It is made of antimicrobial material and prevents bad odors. These are waterproof too. They are usually oil and slip resistant but may slip on ice.
  3. Composite toe work boots: These boots are good to provide moderate levels of protection as the toe safety is not made of metal. The composite toe may be made of plastic, fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon fiber. They are great options for wearing at either high or low temperatures as they do not conduct temperature. Bates are among the best rated comfortable work boots. They are made of high-quality full grain and nubuck leather with great tanning and can survive the most rugged of activities. They are highly reliable, durable and moderately priced.
  4. Soft toe work boots: These are built for comfort with a comfortable toe box. RedWing’s Iron Ranger has been rated the best in this category. It is handmade of thick and durable leather, with triple stitch seams and is water resistant. They are great to wear on concrete and in the warehouse. They take a while to break in and are oil resistant. They are not that great to be worn on slippery surfaces.
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